I'm Māra, and I have been a friend of nature since early childhood, and ever since the first time I met a horse, I have looked for opportunities to connect with them. Throughout school and university, I spent many weekends at the stables, helping with chores in exchange for riding and eventually taking riding and horsemanship lessons. However, after becoming a patroness for my own horse, I came to a revelation that I want something more in relationship with these beautiful and sensitive beings.

After graduating from the University of Latvia with a degree in biology, I continued to seek a path in life that would bring me meaning and fulfillment. Eventually I found the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, founded by a lifelong horsewoman and professional therapist, Melisa Pearce. The coaching program is based on gestalt therapy and acknowledges horses as equals to human coaches in the process. It was a huge challenge to complete the 2-year program, which required that I regularly travel to the United States to complete practical training, but the outcome seemed more than worth it, to help me reach my goal to increase the quality of life for all beings.

I am so grateful to the Universe for guiding me to a place where the many streams of my passions flow together in a united river of life. Nature, horses, deep conversations, and bearing witness to those moments when clients brighten up with regained trust in their own value brings me such fulfillment and joy for the miracles inside us all.

Mētra is a curious horse girl who enjoys walks and discovering new trails, where she loves to munch on tasty greens along the way. She values highly polite company and time spent with her horse friends. She loves to remind me how to let others know about her needs and change the situation for better if something doesn't work. Come and meet us, she will tell you more about herself in person!