Welcome to the world of Mierzirgi! 

In Latvian "Mierzirgi" means “Horses of Inner Peace”.

Have you ever been talked out of reaching for your dreams because well-meaning people told you they were impossible? Have you noticed how often you prioritize your obligations to others above your own needs and passions? Do you ever feel lonely and misunderstood, so far away from your vision for an ideal life that you feel powerless to change anything?

Mierzirgi offers you the opportunity to be in Nature, partnering with two coaches – a horse and a human - to achieve inner peace and transform your life. Together we help you believe in your dreams again and find new enthusiasm to make them come true. Possible side effects of Equine Gestalt Coaching: an ability to look at your life from a different perspective; a healthy habit of taking ownership of your life and becoming actively involved in creating desired changes!

The process of self-exploration is an exciting adventure where you will discover the courage to be vulnerable, commitment to take actions in order to reach your desired outcomes – being ready to witness and create miracles is highly recommended. You are invited to explore your life with self-compassion and curiosity, to make it better than you currently imagine!

*No previous experience with horses is necessary, and we do not ride the horses during coaching sessions. 

Mara Grēve - Certified Equine Gestalt Coach.